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Card Punching Machines

Half-Automatic CP3/102 Fully Automatic CP3/104 Strip Punch Machine CP1/100 Sorting Puncher CP3/102/S24

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Strip Punch Machine CP1/100
(Half Automatic)


The machine punches cards out of single-row strips. Thus it can be used for any special card format (length and width determined by the customer).
The strips are adjusted through print marks via light sensors. After the first punching, a pair of grippers behind the punch tool takes the strip and transports it for the next punch.
The punched cards will be transported out on a conveyor belt under the card deposit. Then the cards can be taken out by hand.
The punch impulse is issued by hydraulic excenter.

Technical Data:

  • Strip layout: 1 x 5 cards up to 1 x 10

  • Machine size: 1600 (L) x 600 (W) x 1500 (H) mm

  • Machine performance: about 3000 cards per hour