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Sheet collation Precision sheet collation

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Precision Sheet Collation Machine SWT 1000


This half-automatic sheet collation system uses a spot welding process to fix a package of foils for preparing lamination. To support a very high precision sheet placing on the welding table, four microscope cameras and a monitor are used.


The operator puts the sheets on the welding table, aligning the foil reference markers so that their camera pictures fit the cross-hairs on the monitor. Each sheet is fixed after aligning. Finally the packet welding is actuated by pressing a foot switch pedal.
The positions of the microscopes may be changed if necessary. The welding temperature and time can be adjusted to adapt for different materials and thickness (PVC, ABS, PE, PC and others).

Technical Data:

  • Power supply: 230 V AC, 1 kW

  • Compressed air supply: 6 bar