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Sheet collation Precision sheet collation

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Sheet Collation Machine SWT 600


This half-automatic sheet collation unit uses a spot welding process to fix a package of foils for preparing lamination. The layers are welded and fixed together at two points.
For high precision foil alignment using reference marks on the foils we offer SWT 1000 with an integrated vision system.


The operator puts the sheets on the welding table, aligning it to the stop, then presses the foot switch pedal. The sheets have now been tacked at the two points and may be taken out.
The position of the welding heads and the table is adjustable. Also the welding time can be adjusted to adapt for different materials and thickness (PVC, ABS, others on request).

Technical Data:

  • Power supply: 220 V AC

  • Compressed air supply: 6 bar