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Card Punching Machines

Half-Automatic CP3/102 Fully Automatic CP3/104 Strip Punch Machine CP1/100 Sorting Puncher CP3/102/S24

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Half-Automatic Cardpuncher CP 3/102


Manual sheet insertion. Sheet adjustment through print marks, card output to magazine exchanger. All the electrical parts are inside the machine. We have made sure that they are easily accessible. The built-in hydraulic aggregate is noise reduced. The compact construction diminished the size of the machine and therefore the floor space needed.


The sheets are manually put onto the alignment table, fitting the stop. The sheet is aligned across according to register marks, then in precise position to the first mark transported lengthwise to the punch tool. The separate rows are punched according to the longitudinal marks. Whilst the following sheet is being punched, the punched cards are transported into the magazine on the conveyer. The card transportation does not influence the machine cycle, therefore may be slow thus almost excluding the problem of a card tailback.

The card amount is to be preset, accordingly the magazine is filled, thereupon automatically transported via conveyer belt to the take-out position, and the next magazine is brought to loading position. The leftover grid is transported by the grab pivot out of the puncher.

The punch impulse is issued by hydraulic excenter. You are able to adjust the output of the pump to adapt the machine power to the card material for optimal punch quality and also influencing the card dimensions.

Technical Data:

  • Machine Size: approx. 2400 mm x 850 mm x 1800 mm

  • Sheet Layout: 3 x 8 cards up to 3 x 10 cards

  • Machine Performance: up to 15,000 cards per hour with 10 rows, depending on the user