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GSM-SIM and Hole & Slit Puncher GSM-SIM Puncher

GSM-SIM Puncher



This machine is specialized for GSM-SIM punchings from ISO 7810/7813 cards with 0.82 mm thickness. The SIM module contour (Mini-SIM, 2FF) is punched without the connecting strips, and the separation lines are perforated. Additional perforations are possible for breaking out Micro-SIM modules (3FF) and Nano-SIM moules (4FF). Separated 3FF and 4FF modules may be replugged by hand. Examples are shown in the following picture.


The cards are manually placed into a magazine. Under the magazine is the feeding unit to transport the cards on a conveyor belt. The impulse of the feeding unit is pneumatically issued over excenter.

In the first stage, the cards are pulled downwards out of the magazine, one by one, with suckers. The rest of the card transport happens through a pneumatic feeder moving the cards to the punching unit. The feeder is exactly timed to the punch move by a sensor. So the cards are precisely placed into punching position.

There are always two cards side by side under the punch tool, so two functions can be performed simultaneously by one stroke. For example the separation lines are perforated into one card whilst the SIM contour slits are punched into the other. The punch tool is operated by a hydraulically driven excenter shaft. The finished card is pushed out of the punching unit through the following card and transported by a conveyor belt to the depot.
An important advantage of our punching unit is that tools may be quickly exchanged if required (short downtime!).

Technical Data:

  • Machine Size: approx. 1500 (L) x 500 (W) x 1500 (H) mm

  • Card Standard: ISO 7810/7813, thickness 0.82 mm

  • Punch Speedt: up to 4500 cards per houre

  • Power Supply: Three-phase AC 400 V

  • Compressed Air Supply: 6 bar