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Laser Personalization Machine
CIM 3000-S2


The machine CIM 3000-S2 is an automatically controlled system for Laser personalization of high-volume ID card series.

The cards from the input magazine are placed upon a conveyer-belt which brings a card at first to a station to read its data from the contact chip or contactless (RFID) chip. Based on these data the laser in the next station performs the marking and engraving (text, images, bar code) of the cards. This can be done on both sides of the card by means of a built-in turning unit. Then a station follows for magnetic stripe encoding if required. An optional fourth station may be provided with a camera system for optical verifying a perfect card surface (checking for printing errors, scratches, stains). Finally the conveyer-belt brings the cards into the output magazine, rejecting bad cards.

All stations and the machine controller are connected to a computer.

Technical Data
  • Card dimensions: 54 x 86 mm, thickness 0.82 mm
  • Throughput: dependent on the personalization speed
  • Electric power supply: 230 V AC, 1.5 kVA
  • Compressed air supply: 6 bar
  • Machine size L x W x H: 1300 x 500 x 1500 mm